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candystripedleg's Journal

i am a work in progress
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acupuncture, adventure, alix olson, amsterdam, ani difranco, anti-occupation, atmos, avocados, beatles, belly, bettie serveert, bikini kill, blue, breakbeat, built to spill, capture-the-flag, catherine wheel, cats, chinese medicine, city mice, coexistence, concrete blonde, country mice, cultural judaism, dan bern, dancing, depeche mode, dismemberment plan, djibouti, egypt, ellen miller, elliot smith, erotica, feeling infinite, felafel, guitar, hansi, hiking, holocombe waller, hoodies, horse riding, howard zinn, human rights, india, indian food, indie films, israel, james, jato, jeanette winterson, jeff buckley, joni mitchell, joy division, june fool, kaia, kristen hirsh, kurt vonnegut, laughing, led zeppelin, like being killed, liz phair, lucy, making people laugh, mashed potatoes, mates of state, metric, modest mouse, morocco, movies, my mom, nargilas, neil young, nerping, neverending story, new order, noam chomsky, old 97s, palestine, paper journals, peanut butter, pesto, peter gabriel, photography, pinback, pink floyd, pj harvey, poetry, poetry slams, political activism, portishead, psy-trance, puzzles, radical jews, radiohead, rai, rainer maria, real hoomoos, replicator, road trips, robert fisk, running, rusted root, sara schulman, sarah maclachlan, scott henry, shiva chandra, shpongle, shudder to think, sinead o'connor, singing, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, spiders, sunny day real estate, sushi, team dresch, the cure, tom petty, tori amos, tracy chapman, trance breaks, travel, trivial pursuit, truxton, vipassana, women's rights, zines